Our Reviews

  • 5 star review  The absolute best place to handle shipping needs. The entire staff is extremely nice and knowledgeable and the owners are fantastic. A+++

    thumb John Benett

    5 star review  We've used them for over ten years, and never once had an issue. Fast, efficient, and friendly. A top notch establishment all the way!

    thumb Evan Jacobs

    5 star review  I have used the box stop as a place to drop off boxes and buy packing supplies for years but for the first time I recently used them to package and ship 2 breakable items for me up to NY. I was too busy to wrap and pack and figured they would get it there safely. Not only did it arrive safely but the recipient messaged upon its arrival bragging about it being the best packing job they had seen. The care the team at Box stop used in packing my shipment made me look good. Highly reccomend them for ALL things packing and shipping A++

    thumb Ben pickett
  • 5 star review  They ladies here are so nice. They help, chat a little and make sure everything is nice and packed. We have come here for years and are always grateful.

    thumb Alexis

    5 star review  I've only dealt with this company once and it was over the phone. My mom was shipping me the rocking horse my grandpa built over 30 years ago. It was travelling from Lexington to Texas. I was super nervous and scared. I would have been devasted if anything happened to it during shipping. Whoever I spoke to on the several occasions assured me it would be packed as securely as possible and got me the cheapest price, even cheaper than what they quoted. The rocking horse arrived 2 days later in perfect condition. I was so happy I cried. Thank you!

    thumb Sabrina C

    5 star review  This place is a true one-stop shop for all shipping needs! Stan, Wendy, Anne, and Hayden are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly!

    thumb Sam Head
  • 5 star review  Best place I've found that cares about how stuff is packed and protected when shipping out

    thumb Larry Jent

    5 star review  📦 Stop is the ONLY Place in Lexington I use for all my shipping needs! Stan and Wendy are extremely knowledgeable and along with their staff they make each trip I make to them seamless! Along with supporting Local I am happy to be a repeat customer to such a wonderful business!

    thumb Ryan Courtney

    5 star review  This place is great. They took my terrible box and taped it for me. I will definitely be back. Thank you such great service

    thumb Stephanie Thompson
  • 5 star review  Precious keepsakes, antique clock, original paintings to be shipped anywhere, the person to rely on is Stan Simpson owner of box stop.Never having met Stan I was a bit anxious about shipping family keepsakes across country to my son.Discovered no need to worry, Everything was handled professionally and with care as though these items were his very own Call Stan and relax in the knowledge that all Will be safe

    thumb Cris Neeld

    5 star review  High quality boxes, good price, and SUPER FAST turn around on almost all orders! I have been using Box Stop for a couple years at Adcolor, and it was the best decision I ever made for our smaller qty, custom container needs!!!

    thumb Ryan Messner

    5 star review  I have done all of my shipping with Box Stop for as long as I can remember. Stan and Wendy have always been extremely nice and personable. They can even make custom boxes/crates or shipping containers any size to handle any shipping needs. Highly recommend!!

    thumb Byron Simpson
  • 5 star review  Good customer service

    thumb Issam Mehdie

    5 star review  This family owned and operated packing and shipping company that goes above and beyond for all your shipping needs.

    thumb J Adams

    5 star review  I had to ship some things out of state. I called and was directed to Stan. He took complete care of everything. They picked up all the stuff from the house, over 500 lb. They palletized it and got it shipped for me to a residential address with no problems. Would highly recommend.

    thumb Alex Carpenter